Studio A

Studio “A” is equipped with a modified SSL 4056/48 G/G+ with Total Recall. It has been equipped with three modified ouputs. The classic SSl sound, A more modern vibe with extended response and excitement, and a Hifi output for Orchestral and Jazz applications. The room has been designed to provide a relaxed and comfortable environment for recording and mixing. With abundant modern and vintage outboard gear… producers, engineers and artists find this studio to be a creative playroom.

For groups wanting to perform all at once, In our A studio, we have been able to provide up to 9 isolation rooms to capture that live vibe.


SSL 4056/48 G/G+ with 24 G292 eqs 24 E242 Black eqs, Total recall, and VCA Automation – (complete Recapped 2013)

Control Room


Live Room

36×16 wood floors

Tape Machines

Pro-Tools 12.5/10.3.10 HDX w/HEAT 5xDigi192kHz I/O, Apogee AD8000SE, Sony APR 24 Track 2″


Urei 813C, Yamaha NS-10, Dynaudio BM6A, AdamS3A, Auratone, Velodyne 15″subwoofer

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