What We Do


We are a full service recording facility. Our engineers have worked extensively in all genres of music. Whether it’s a Jazz, R&B, Indy, Deathmetal, Pop, Gospel, Classical, EDM, Rock or Just a voice over project….We got you covered.


Our mixers are known worldwide and have been in the industry almost 30 years. We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and are our projects are constantly represented on the billboard charts. We also mix film and commercials too. If you’re an established artist or someone just getting started, hit us up.

Stem Mixing

If you’re working at home and you want your project to sound like a professional album….bring your stem mixes in and run your song through our SSL console. The SSL 4000 has been a hit maker for decades. Get the real vibe by running your tracks through our massive collection of vintage gear. You can listen to your song in a great mixing environment and get professional ears on your mix. We’ve modified our console to enhance all styles of music. Email us to help you set this up.


We master for Vinyl, CD, Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, etc. Get your older albums ready for the new revolution. Digital streaming has taking over and is here to stay. If your albums of the last 15 years aren’t mastered to the new format…then your music won’t sound good in the streaming world. Stay ahead of the trend!


Real amplifiers always sound better than the digital copies. If you don’t have the space to record your amp…record the direct input and we’ll run the signal through our extensive collection of modern and vintage amps. Nothin better than the real thing!


We’ve been teaching audio engineering for 10 years now. If you’re an up and coming engineer and need a little guidance or a home recording hobbiest and need to know how you make a recording…let us know.

Studio Rental

If you’re a competent and friendly engineer looking for a place to record your projects…email us. You can use our collection of modern and vintage gear to make your album. We can walk you through the rooms to get you started. Rates start at $25/hr.

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