Steve Wright

Owner/Producer/Engineer/Mastering Engineer

Throughout his 29 years of working in production, and over 6000 sessions, Steve Wright has worn many hats. His experience runs the gamut from engineering and producing well-known artists, film mixing and production, electrical engineering, to traveling the world as a live sound engineer. Since 1998, he has owned and operated Wright Way Studios with the goal of providing an environment for artists and producers to thrive. Realizing no two projects are the same, Steve’s focus of production is to break down the music and work within the human emotion. His techniques range from intense digital production to hands off analog recording. These concepts have enabled him to become a respected producer of a diverse range of music enveloping Jazz, Rock, R&B, Reggae, Death Metal, Big Band, Indy, Go Go, Orchestral, Jam Band, EDM etc. Some of his credits over the years include U.N.K.L.E, Mos Def, Gregory Isaacs, Slipknot, Blackstar, Omar Rodriguez, M.I.A, Lake Trout, King Mez, Maysa, Bibi Bourelly, Dying Fetus, Tiffany Evans, Jah Works, North East Groovers, Carl Filipiak, and SR71 not to mention hundreds of regional and local artists spanning four continents.

Drew Lamond


Drew Lamond started his professional music career playing guitar in the signed local hardcore band Torn Apart. After successful tours in the US and Canada and multiple albums…he decided his passion was on the other side of the glass producing and engineering for other artists. After graduating Sheffield For the Recording Arts in 1996 and freelancing around baltimore, He landed at Wright Way in 2002 and quickly become one of the main engineers at the studio. Over the years he’s become comfortable with any genre of music and likes working with artists towards a unique and individual sound, not necessarily trying to follow the current trend. Some of his recent projects have been Dog Fashion Disco, Polkadot Cadaver, El Creepo, Higher Education, Dennis Chambers, Asthma Castle, Ron Holloway, Never Ending Fall, DuCru, Neutron Bomb, Misery Index, Dying Fetus, Bet The Devil, Mooshie, Autumn Flames, Signs Point East, The Honest Mistakes and many more. Whether you want to record from scratch or have a session edited, mixed and mastered… Drew is the man.

Matt Bitmann


Matt Bittman has been a professional audio engineer his entire adult life, and is thrilled to call Wright Way his home studio. Mainly known in the live sound world for mixing bands like The Mars Volta, Mac Miller, and Metric, his true passion is working behind the desk in the controlled environment of a nice recording studio. Matt is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, and loves to mix old-school recording techniques with cutting edge technology. Equally at home with Bluegrass, Hip Hop, or anything in-between, he has produced thousands of tracks for artists like Bibi Bourelly, Bossman, King Los, Caddy Da Don, Bosnian Rainbows, and Tabi Bonney. Contact us today to see how Matt can help bring your musical ideas to life.

Josh Thomas


Just as Dusty Springfield famously sang, Josh Thomas is the son of a preacher man and cut his teeth in a Baltimore church playing piano, organ and drums at just 5 years old, with an early affinity for gospel, classical, jazz, soul, funk and rock n’ roll. After graduating from Baltimore’s School for the Arts, he spent the next handful of years producing and composing for a variety of local artists. In 2013, he began working for Steve Wright as an assistant engineer at Wright Way Studios. Josh is now one of the studio’s chief engineers and has emerged as one of Baltimore’s top up-and-coming composer-producers. His multi-instrumentalist chops and ability to compose in every genre, not to mention an incredibly versatile voice, has made him a valuable addition to any project.

Ryan "TopSecret" Anderson


Ryan has been working in the music business as a producer since 2004 and as an engineer since 2008. Ryan has worked with many major artists such as Usher, Tiffany Evans, Iggy Azalea, Tamar Davis, as well as countless unsigned, indie artists, overseas artists, and bands. A graduate of Omega Studios School in Rockville, MD, Ryan enjoys the fact that there is always something to learn in the world of audio whether it be recording techniques or new technology. All in all he enjoys giving artists and clients a wonderful studio experience.

Rob Girardi


Rob Girardi started his music career as a kid playing guitar along to his favorite albums. As his curiosity grew he found himself writing songs, studying composition and eventually ending up at Berklee College Of Music. He immersed himself in the gamelan music of southeast Asia, the blues and folk of the early americas, Jazz of the 50’s-70’s, 70’s psyche, prog, hard rock and classical music. As a Baltimore native, Rob has played in a variety of bands since 1989 (currently with RJVJ) and traveled as a live sound engineer with some of the city’s biggest bands like Beach House and Celebration. Since 1998, Rob has been producing and engineering bands and has worked at Wright Way since 2011. He has recorded with Future Islands, Beach House (Beach House, Devotion), Jenn Wasner, Celebration, Bond Street District, Arboretum, Blacksage, Natural Velvet, Wing Dam, Microkingdom, and The Flying Eyes. “Production to me is mostly about working with someone to enhance their ideas with my experience (not to impose). I steer the ship, but it is always about collaboration. I create an outline with the group then work quickly, maintaining focus and budgets while allowing time for experimentation. Capturing the emotive feeling of a band, getting proper takes, and avoiding “fix in the mix” crutches”.

Woody Ranere

Producer/Composer/Sound Designer

Woody Ranere’s career in music is the result of years of collaboration in and out of the studio as a writer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and touring musician/vocalist for his bands, Lake Trout, With Lions and Mt. Royal. After receiving a degree in Composition and Computer Music from Goucher College, he has divided his time between the studio and the stage. For the last 10 years, Woody has worked as a producer, composer and sound designer for television and award-winning independent films. His work has aired on almost every major network and cable channel. He has produced hundreds of songs from various composers and bands that have aired on countless networks and have been featured in many ad campaigns.

Tony Eichler

Mastering Engineer/Engineer

Mastering is the final, critical step before releasing your recordings. It is quite literally the last chance to ‘get it right’. As an accomplished mastering engineer, Tony Eichler has been ‘getting it right’ for a vast array of satisfied clientele, for quite a few years now. In fact, if you listen to the radio, watch TV or have been to the movies, then you’ve already heard his work. His client roster includes : BMG, Chrysalis, Columbia Records, Creative Networks Nashville, Disney, Dimension Films, Dreamworks, Lionsgate, Lucasfilm, Miramax Films, Motherwest, Relapse Records, Tri-Star Films, Warner Bros. Records, and many more…

Tony is quite adept at and comfortable working in any genre of music. Before switching to mastering full-time, he spent over 25 years as a highly sought-after recording engineer, working on everything from major label albums, to top, box office feature films, as well as movie trailers and music for television. As Tony puts it, “Mastering is a natural progression for me. Having recorded and / or mixed virtually everything from acoustic folk to big band, rock to rap, jazz to full orchestral film scores, I pride myself in having an innate sense for what a given project will benefit from at the mastering stage”.

In 2010, Tony built Goldtone MasterWorks; his own, state-of-the-art mastering facility, equipped with a custom, handcrafted signal chain of his design. The centerpiece of the facility is a one-of-a-kind master transfer console, designed and built from the ground up by Tony to serve his style of mastering and workflow. The console includes a unique blend of modern and vintage technologies, making it unlike anything currently available. Part engineer, part technician, part audiophile, Tony has the knowledge, expertise, equipment and most importantly, the ‘golden ears’ to bring out the very best from your music.

Lorenzo Johnson


There is no doubt that Lorenzo Johnson is a multi-talented musician. This native of Alexandria, VA developed a love of music at a very early age. His energy and passion led him to begin writing lyrics and composing, organizing vocal groups and bands, directing, managing and producing. It was evident that he had a natural talent and creativity and was well on his way to making a name for himself and leaving a mark in music. Lorenzo’s drive has earned him an impressive list of accomplishments. He has produced and written on four Top 10 albums, three Grammy nominated projects and one Soul Train Award winning project. He has recorded with Ledisi, Maysa, Chuck Brown, Jazz of Dru Hill, Salt N’ Pepper, Eric Darius, Tony Terry, U.S. Naval Academy Gospel Choir and Black Entertainment Television (BET) and many others. He has also performed live with world-renowned artists including Ledisi, Regina Belle, Biz Markie, Chuck Brown, Beverly Crawford, Mr. Cheeks, CeCe Peniston, Glenn Jones, Twinkie Clark, and Norman Hutchins to name a few.


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